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"The people at PDQ staffing really enjoy helping other people find the correct job for them. They really care about your performance in the company and the performance of the company for you. I really recommend you to go and apply with PDQ staffing!"

Maria C.
PDQ Associate Worker
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"Great company! No long applications, great customer service, great attitude, friendly faces and most all, good jobs! I was immediate hired, with they pay weekly! I love this company and am thankful for all the help from the staff!"

Holly R.

PDQ Associate Worker

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"Went in today, after calling yesterday to fill out an application, was interviewed by Miriam Mendoza who was so kind and understanding. She quickly put me through their hiring process and no sooner that I finished she had a Job. Words cannot explain the professionalism she exhibited. The whole office staff there is willing and eager to help you in finding employment. I encourage anyone who is searching for a job to come to PDQ, as you won't be disappointed! Thank you again!"
Larry S.
PDQ Associate Worker
"First impressions the place is really nice the people are friendly and they assist you fairly quick. I want to thank my recruiter for her assistance, I appreciate the fact that from the very start she was honest and very professional. She was willing to help throughout the entire application process and made sure to answer any questions I had. Overall, great experience!"
Lizeth C.
PDQ Associate Worker
"My whole experience from calling in to seek employment to completing interview was Great! My recruiters and all of the office staff were professional, friendly and efficient! Looking forward to working with their companies!"
Jessica C.
PDQ Associate Worker
"My recruiter was very helpful! I was literally there for only 20 minutes and walked out with a job! I would highly recommend PDQ Staffing!"
Lee L.
PDQ Associate Worker
"My recruiter did an amazing job! She helped me when no one else wanted to. Thank you to everyone at PDQ Staffing! I'm going to recommend y'all to my friends and family!"
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Charles A.
PDQ Associate Worker
"My recruiting experience has been phenomenal! My recruiter is amazing! She has help throughout the entire hiring transition by providing clear guidance and direction. She is always one text or phone call away. I have never had to wait to hear from her. She is always available at any time during the day!"
Ana G.
PDQ Associate Worker